If you want to get stronger, fitter and leaner, you need structured workouts.

If you are doing lots of circuit workouts, but not getting other results than just exhaustion...

If you are re doing one workout from one Instagram influencer and the other from next...

If you are doing random YouTube workouts that have no structure...

If you are doing endless bootcamps and cardio that have had very little impact on your physique...

Or if you go to the gym without a plan...

Then chances are that you haven't seen the results that you want. You are not leaner and you don't have a better muscle tone.

This is where Train To Build comes in.

These metabolism boosting and muscle building workouts are structured and organized into a plan that will finally give you the results you want.

Build muscle.

Burn body fat.

Get lean.

Join Train to Build!

Here are Just Some Results that Women Got Just After 3 Weeks...

-O. C, 39

-E.B, 36

-D. M, 42

-J. M, 47

-E. B, 36

-J.M, 47

-A. D, 43 and A. S, 41

-K. B, 39 and A. K, 40

-J. M, 47

O. C, 39

"Wow! I did the measurements and there’s a change! I thought I wouldn’t see any difference in three weeks, but there is some. I have increased my calories and my weight is dropping! I'm down 1.5 lbs now while eating more."

E. B, 36

"I have increased my squat from 114 lbs to 134 in just 3.5 weeks, and I've lost a total of 4.5 inches. I was surprised to see such a change in the numbers, to be honest! I tried on a ton of my clothes and everything is fitting better!"

What You Get with Train To Build:

  1. New muscle building, metabolism boosting workout plan every month that consists of three workouts a week
  2. Structured plan where you will be going through different cycles each month
  3. Demonstration videos for each exercise
  4. Facebook group for form feedback
  • You can cancel your subscription anytime.

Join Now for $49

Get Great Results and Save Money

Think about it:

  • On average, a single session with a personal trainer costs $80-$150.
  • Working with a personal trainer 3x/week means a monthly investment of $960-$1800!
  • Add to that a gym membership, which is another $40-$65 a month.
  • The total cost for all this is $1000-$2000!

With Train to Build, your investment is only $49 a month.

If you already have weights at home, you don't need a gym membership.

You can cancel it anytime, no questions asked.

In addition to a high quality workout program every month, you can always get feedback to your form in our private Train to Build Facebook group.

It really can't get better than that!

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You Need Minimal Equipment:

  • Dumbbells or a barbell. All exercises can be done with either
  • Barbell use is encouraged, especially if you already have some lifting experience
  • Long resistance band and short resistance band (aka booty band or hip circle)
  • Time commitment: 45-60 minutes 3x/week
  • Gym access is not necessary if you have weights at home, but there are some optional exercises that you can do with gym machines.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do we get new workouts?

This plan is very simple and very effective: You get 3 workouts per week and you will be repeating the same three workouts for 4 weeks.

How many months is the program for?

This is an ongoing program! You get access to the next phase every 30 days.

Why only 3 different workouts? I would like more variety.

Because this works. You will get best results when you stick with one plan for the entire month.

Too many people make the mistake of changing their workouts up every single day and end up doing 12-15 different workouts per month... This is NOT an effective strategy to build strength and muscle definition effectively.

Read the testimonials above to see what results women have gotten with 3 workouts a week, repeated over the course of one month.

I'm afraid I won't get results if I don't do different workouts more often.

This is exactly why proper phasing of your workouts is important. In this program, each month has a specific focus and therefore different number of reps and sets. This structure is where the gains come from.

What equipment do I need?

Dummbells or a barbell (just one of these is enough but if you have access to both, that's even better), a long resistance band and a booty band.

Can I do other workouts in addition to this program?

Walk! I recommend that you walk for about an hour, or 8-10K steps every day. More is okay too if you'd like and if you have the energy.

Mobility and stretching are always great, so yoga or other form of light movement is going to complement this program well.

There is no need to do extra cardio or HIT, especially if you want to maximize the metabolism boosting and muscle building effects of this plan.

How long do I have access to these workouts?

For as long as you are enrolled!

Join Now for $49