50 Questions & Answers about Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

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This program brings you 50 most common questions I have received over three years of talking and teaching about Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, and answers to these questions.

You will find answers to each one of them. Here are some examples.

  • Why you lost your period
  • How you should eat and exercise to recover from it
  • How much weight you should gain
  • How to handle weight gain
  • How to know that your period is approaching
  • How and why to track your cycle
  • and more!

I talk to women every day, in my emails and direct messages on Instagram, that are really confused about Hypothalamic Amenorrhea. They have questions like

  • Why did I lose my period?
  • I don't think I work out too much! Can this be really the reason for why my period stopped?
  • What should I do to get my period back?
  • Do I really have to put on weight? How much?
  • And more!

I absolutely understand because I was there too!

When I first learned that I might have Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, I din't know what to think. The exact same questions crossed my mind, plus more:

  • But I'm not even overweight, can I really have HA? Isn't it only skinny women's condition?
  • Maybe it's just my mental and emotional stress that's causing it? Maybe I don't have to reduce exercise and eat more?
  • Can I put on muscle instead of fat, and still recover? I can stop running and start lifting more if that helps!
  • What will people think when I, all of a sudden, start gaining weight? Besides, I'm a trainer -- will my clients leave me?

At the time, there weren't too many resources out there to answer my questions.

A lot of blogs I found were written by women who were very underweight but I wasn't.

Some of them were doing up to 3 hours of cardio a day but I didn't.

Many were eating 1200 or less calories a day or had been on a very low carbohydrate diet which I had not done.

So I didn't know what to think.

I got my period back after 5 months* of doing exactly what I teach in this program.

Over the next few years, I've learned a lot about hypothalamic amenorrhea. This is why I felt obligated to put together this program, 50 Questions and Answers about Losing Your Period and How to Get it Back.

This is the solution you need if you've been feeling lost, confused and like no one gets you. This is the program that answers your questions! You can see the list of questions that are answered in this program, in Curriculum.

The solutions that actually help you to recover from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea are completely different from what most health and fitness people would give you.

Most people would tell you to clean up your diet, exercise more and be more strict. Even many doctors will assure that this is the right thing to do. They might even tell you that losing more weight might solve your problems, or offer you the birth control pill which is supposedly going to "fix your hormones".

But it doesn't work that way.

Other people would tell you that you have to completely stop moving and load up on highly unprocessed foods to get your cycle back on track.

That's not entirely true either.

There are better solutions, and they are all available in this program.

I'm super excited to share with you this resource, 50 Questions and Answers about Losing Your Period and How to Get It Back.

I'm confident that this program has answers to your most burning questions about Hypothalamic Amenorrhea!

*Here are the people whose blogs, videos and other resources helped me to recover: Kate Callaghan, Jill Colangelo, Nicola Rinaldi. Thank you all.

Here's what's included in this program:

  • 50 most common questions my readers and followers have asked me about Hypothalamic Amenorrhea over the course of 3 years. See the complete list of questions in the Curriculum
  • Answers to each one of the questions in a video form (50 short videos)
  • All questions and answers are also in a PDF document if you prefer reading instead of watching videos.

Your Instructor

Kersten Kimura
Kersten Kimura

Hey! I'm Kersten, a certified personal trainer and women's health educator. Because of overtraining and food issues, I didn't have my period for 10 years, but I got it back, and you can do the same. Welcome to my course!

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